Advanced Modeling

Predictive Modeling: Need a more sophisticated analysis? Regression analysis allows you to describe the relationship of a set of predictor variables to a single variable of importance. Based on the performance of known data we can aid in the prediction of the performance of possible new facilities/variables. Regression modeling can give you an idea of what to expect out of various locations and narrow down those that have a good chance of success. Based on your data, in combination with demographic and economic data of the surrounding area, you can then focus your time and resources only on those that may have a positive impact on your enterprise.

Data Reduction: Do you have an overwhelming amount of data or just want to know what factors influence success? Data reduction techniques such as factor analysis and principal components analysis allow you to focus in on those factors that matter most. From a large set of variables we can help you determine which are most important, leaving those variables that are unimportant out, thus simplifying your decisions.