VSI's Research Center

The Demographic Apartment Research Tool of VSI is one of the most powerful apartment research tools in the industry! From this page, you may access the most up-to-date demographic information, coupled with a variety of analytical tools that are linked to our database of more than 70,000 apartment properties across the nation.

Here, you may search the apartment properties in the VSI database that you want to be displayed. Simply select this from the dropdown menu labeled "properties" at the top of this page. The legend describing these properties is below this text box. Note also that you can display by specific property types noted below. You can also screen properties by year of construction/rehabilitated by simply specifying a year. Learn More

HUD Fair Market Rents, Income Limits and County Demographics

Provides quick demographic information for every U.S. county. Also provides current and historic HUD Fair Market Rents, Income Limits, and Maximum Rents for the area. Visit the PC website to use this resource

HUD's LITHC Database

Integrates the HUD LIHTC Database, which includes all Tax Credit properties nationwide with Google maps. Also provides aggregate information. Visit the PC website to use this resource

Ohio Based Tools

Ohio Tax Credit Database

The perfect way to begin preliminary research for a Tax Credit project in Ohio. Shows the locations of all Tax Credit projects in the state, provides demographic information, recent allocations and OHFA criteria. Visit the PC website to use this resource

Assisted Living and Nursing Care

Shows locations and capacity of existing licenced assisted living and nursing care facilities in each county, along with demographic information. Preliminary support levels for assisted living beds in 2009 and 2014 are provided. Visit the PC website to use this resource

2015 VSI Ohio QAP Advisor

The 2015 VSI Ohio QAP Advisor, your single-source interactive website to assist you with evaluating the Location Based Characteristics point potential detailed in the 2015 Ohio QAP. Visit the PC website to use this resource


VSI has compiled a list of resources to help assist in real estate research and clarify common terms frequently found in market studies. Read More